TROPHI is a collaboration that bridges the gap between research and healthcare delivery, bringing primary care research to life. The aim is to empower local healthcare providers to deliver quality care that is informed and backed by evidence, leading to improved patient outcomes and a healthier future for our region.

This is a twelve-month mentoring program based on best practice principles for successful mentoring, which involves one on one mentoring each month across the year, guided by a personalised mentoring plan. The objectives of the program are to:

  1. Increase the health research literacy and education skills of GPs, general practice staff, primary health workers in the in the outer eastern Melbourne regions of Knox, Maroondah, and Yarra Ranges.
  2. Build enthusiasm and passion for improving general practice patient outcomes through research translation.

Roles and responsibilities for being a TROPHI mentor

By nominating to be a TROPHI mentor, you are committing to:

Your involvement in the mentoring process is flexible and you will be approached by the TROPHI Project Manager when a preliminary match has been made for you with a potential mentee. You can accept or decline the mentoring opportunity if there is a perceived conflict, or capacity issues. You will be matched with a mentee for a 12-month period.

It would be expected that you would connect a minimum of 12 times across the year, initially developing a plan for the mentoring and working through this plan over the 12 months. We anticipate that each mentee would take approximately 15 hours of your time. This would include 12 x mentoring sessions and brief check-in opportunities and emails. In recognition of the time spent in training and mentoring, you will be awarded a one-off payment of $500 to thank you for your commitment to improving practice through research translation.

What is the process?

The mentoring program would involve:

Eligibility criteria

To be a mentor we require:

An individual who understands and demonstrates the following qualities associated with effective mentoring:

The applications will be managed via email applications and should include a photo and responses to the Mentor profile questions and be sent to: attn. Elizabeth Kennedy Project Manager

Or call Elizabeth Kennedy +61 3 9281 2413 (

Download the profile questions here.

Profile questions